9 things you didn’t know about Bolas Underwear.
Did you know… Bolas has produced a total of 51 differently designed pairs of boxer shorts, 2 pairs of swim shorts and 2 beach towels. And a brand new 52nd pair of boxers is about to launch within a few weeks!

Did you know… that about 350 more styles have been on the drawing table, but never made it to production? The number certainly displays our vision on perfection. Only the very best designs make it to the shops!

Did you know… Bolas almost sold out all its boxer shorts a week after launching the brand? Luckily we were able to reproduce on a large scale rapidly. So within a couple of weeks the stock was replenished.

Did you know… ‘Bolas’ means ‘Balls’ in Spanisch/ Portuguese? The balls used in sports, not the balls you find in your Bolas ;-) (those balls are your ‘cohones’).

Did you know… we once had our own Bolas brand store? For 5 weeks we had our own pop-up store at Rotterdam Central Station. An amazing experience and certainly not the last time you’ll see a Bolas underwear brand store.

Did you know… Bolas Underwear is the only underwear brand that allows you to compose your own multipack? The unique ‘pick & choose’ system we introduced allows you to put two or more pairs of boxer shorts together and gives you € 5,- discount on every extra boxer you purchase!

Did you know… over 15 people are working at Bolas Underwear.

Did you know… Bolas is available in over 150 retail shops throughout the Benelux?

Did you know… Bolas swim shorts are provided with a ultra-comfortable pair of inner-shorts. This is made of fast-drying material.

Besides, the swim shorts also contain three pockets and the well-known comfy waistband.