Four brand new swim shorts are now available… Get yours now and dive into summer! Based on the success of last year’s swimwear collection, we decided to add 4 new designs to the range. These are the styles!

You may remember the BOLAS iconic swim shorts from last year. With two new color styles and some technical improvements added – these cool swim shorts will surely help you shine this summer! The black and light blue swim shorts are based on last year’s designs, although we have improved the fit – pick the same size as your BOLAS boxer shorts and a perfect fit is guaranteed. The mesh pockets won’t allow any water to remain in your pockets when leaving the pool and the pockets are attached to the shorts from the inside. The prevents the pockets from ‘popping out’ when swimming. Lastly, we’ve removed the large BOLAS logo from the waistband – you will find sophisticated branding on other product details. Of course these BOLAS swim shorts are provided with ultrafast drying inner shorts.

The brand new classic design swim shorts come in navy blue and cobalt blue. The sporty touch and feel of these swim shorts greatly fits the recently launched BOLAS #SPORT collection. The pockets are provided with zippers – so you never lose your keys in the pool again! Or your credit card… or that bar girls phone number… As all swim shorts the classic BOLAS designs are provided with ultrafast drying inner shorts. Combine all this with de fancy BOLAS waistband and a perfect package is guaranteed!
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